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Smoking and Wound Healing


How Does Smoking Affect Wound Healing?

Cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine causes your arteries to become narrow. It can also cause your arteries to go into spasm. When this happens, the oxygen and nutrients carried in your blood cannot get to your wound. Oxygen and nutrients are needed for your wound to heal. A wound that does not get enough oxygen and nutrients may result in a wound that does not heal.

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A Guide to Pain Control


Don’t Put Up With Pain

A wound can often be painful. Doctors who work in wound care can help prevent or relieve the pain that may come from a problem wound.

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Topics: Vascular Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Pain Management, Cancer

Charcot Joint Disease


What is Charcot Joint Disease?

Charcot Joint Disease is the abnormal changing of the bones of the feet. The disease was first talked about in the late 1800s by a French physician, Dr. J.M. Charcot. People who had no feeling in their feet were known to have changes in their foot bones. Diabetics were more likely to have these changes.

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