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2021 The Year of Healing Program Supports National Foot Health Awareness Month

Healogics  Focuses on Foot Health to Help Prevent Chronic Wounds Throughout April

Jacksonville, FL, March 31, 2021 Healogics®, the nation’s leading provider of world-class wound care, as part of their 2021 The Year of Healing program, is spreading awareness of the importance of foot health to prevent wounds and the need for regular foot screening to detect non-healing wounds.

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Charcot Joint Disease


What is Charcot Joint Disease?

Charcot Joint Disease is the abnormal changing of the bones of the feet. The disease was first talked about in the late 1800s by a French physician, Dr. J.M. Charcot. People who had no feeling in their feet were known to have changes in their foot bones. Diabetics were more likely to have these changes.

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