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Charcot Joint Disease


What is Charcot Joint Disease?

Charcot Joint Disease is the abnormal changing of the bones of the feet. The disease was first talked about in the late 1800s by a French physician, Dr. J.M. Charcot. People who had no feeling in their feet were known to have changes in their foot bones. Diabetics were more likely to have these changes.

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Transferring Patients Safely


Tips for Caregivers Transferring Patients

Caregivers helping transfer patients safely, remember to:

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Elevated Blood Sugars: How Do They Affect Wound Healing?


Constant high blood sugar levels can cause your wounds to heal slowly. It can also cause your wound to not heal.

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Topics: Diabetes, Healthy Habits for Wound Healing & Prevention

Exercise Doesn't Have to be Difficult


We all can think of reasons not to exercise…no time, boring, hate to sweat…you know the excuses. But exercising to heal can really pay off in control of your blood sugar, if you are diabetic. It improves your heart, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Exercise can lower cholesterol level, provide more energy, and even give you a better attitude! Exercise and wound healing go hand-in-hand!

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Personal Safety


Elder Abuse

Millions of older adults are abused each year. There are many kinds of abuse. Tell your health care provider if you experience any of the following, or call one of the numbers above if any of the following happens to you:

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Diabetes and Foot Ulcers


Diabetes is a disease where the body does not make enough insulin. The body needs insulin to break down sugar. Too much sugar will stay in your blood stream and can harm your body.

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