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Management of Venous Insufficiency


Venous insufficiency is caused by veins in the legs that do not work right. This means that fluid can build up in your lower legs. It makes your legs swell. It can stretch the skin like an oversized balloon. The skin can break open and a wound can form. Your skin color can darken. Your skin may feel different.

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Topics: Vascular Disease, Swelling & Compression, Venous Disease

Medication Safety


Keep a list of your drugs and allergies with you at all times. Take it with you to all of your doctor visits. Include all “over the counter” drugs that you take like Tylenol, Advil, vitamins, herbs and minerals, and any type of “supplements.” If you are allergic to a drug you should wear a bracelet or necklace to let people know. Ask your doctor or drug store how you can get one.

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Topics: Vascular Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Safety, Cancer