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Make 2021 The Year of Healing for Improved Immunity and Wellness


If your New Year’s resolution is a healthier lifestyle, you’re not alone. Diet, exercise and wellness goals are among the top five New Year’s resolutions year after year. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit close to home for many of us, as we have mourned the loss of people we love, worried over each illness, celebrated recoveries and cheered on our heroic healthcare providers. This crisis has reinforced the importance and value of good health, especially for people living with chronic wounds and compromised immune systems. Healthy habits, like good nutrition and regular exercise, greatly impact our body’s immunity. When you improve your overall wellness, you improve your ability to heal. We hope you will use these resources to make 2021 The Year of Healing.

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Simple Steps to Help Wounds Heal Faster


Wondering how to heal wounds faster? There are a number of steps you can take. Research proves that wounds heal faster when patients stay involved in their care and follow their doctor’s advice. The most important way to help your wound heal is by keeping every scheduled appointment. However, you also need to follow good wound care practices at home.

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Healing Rates Improve When Patients Keep Scheduled Appointments

Written by Healogics Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Ennis.

As the leader in wound care, Healogics is committed to sharing the results of our research. We recently published a paper in a peer-reviewed medical journal titled, “Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variability through Patient Visit Frequency.” In summary, we found that the number one variable that has the most impact on Comprehensive Healing Rate is visit frequency.

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High Cholesterol Can Impact Your Ability to Heal

Written by Carolyn Shinn, Vice President, Clinical and Quality Process Excellence at Healogics.

How does cholesterol affect heart health?

September is National Cholesterol Education Month so it is a great time to have your cholesterol tested and learn more about how it affects your health. Cholesterol is a necessary type of fat that is part of our blood. Heredity and diet both determine the amount and type of cholesterol in your blood. 

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Men's Health Month


June is Men’s Health Month. We, at Healogics, are bringing awareness to the various health conditions that men suffer from, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or prostate cancer. With early detection and appropriate treatments, these conditions can be managed or even prevented.

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Three Steps to Protect Your Health During COVID-19


The average patient with a wound has three to four chronic conditions, so COVID-19 is a real threat to your health. Please follow these simple steps to protect your health.

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