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Circulation Affects Wound Healing

Your circulation system, also known as your cardiovascular system, is essential to wound healing because it is an important part of your body’s immune response. Your heart pumps oxygen and nutrient-rich blood away from the heart through your arteries. Your veins carry deoxygenated, nutrient-poor blood back to the heart. When you are injured, your blood carries extra nutrients and white blood cells to the injured tissue. If your circulation is limited, however, enough blood may not reach the wound which can delay healing. The longer a wound goes untreated, the greater the risk of infection, hospitalization and possibly amputation or loss of life.

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Dr. Ennis Shares his RX for Success

Healogics Chief Medical Officer Dr. William Ennis has been a pioneer for advanced wound care in the U.S. His career has taught him a lot of lessons that he hopes to pass along to others in the field – and even all of us who weren’t called to become doctors.

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Protect Yourself from Common Summertime Skin Wounds

If your summer plans include spending time outdoors, be sure to protect your skin from common summertime wounds. When skin is broken or compromised by bites, burns or cuts, germs can enter your body. Open wounds, even a small bug bite, may become infected and cause serious complications.

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Advanced Modalities, Including Debridement, Improve Patient Outcomes

Written by Healogics Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Ennis.

Healogics mission to advance wound healing includes ongoing research to improve healing rates for patients who entrust us with their care. Our proprietary data, along with analysis of respected medical literature, has revealed four factors that affect patient healing trajectories across all stages of healing. These four factors are: Frequent/Regular Patient Visits, Preventing Stalled Wounds, Increasing Patient Engagement and Utilizing Advanced Modalities. You can read and download all four white papers here

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Diabetic Neuropathy Increases Risks of Chronic Wounds

Neuropathy is a condition that damages nerves in the hands and feet. Over 34 million Americans are living with diabetes. More than half are also living with neuropathy. Diabetes is the number one cause of neuropathy. 

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Prevention and Proper Care of Diabetic Foot Ulcers


The statistics surrounding diabetic foot ulcers are alarming. Currently, over 2 million people in the U.S. have foot ulcers and up to 25% of all adults living with diabetes will experience a foot ulcer at some point. Non-healing diabetic foot ulcers account for 85% of diabetes-related amputations.

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